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What Is Gum Disease?

Illustration of the stages of gum diseaseIn its early and reversible stages, gum disease is known as gingivitis, which is an infection that is the result of plaque buildup on and around the teeth. This colorlous, sticky film also contains bacteria, which produce toxins. As a result, these contaminants can irritate the gums, resulting in the tissue becoming swollen and tender.

If not treated in its early stages, gingivitis can advance to a more severe and damaging type of gum disease known as periodontitis. Considered a serious gum infection, this disease is marked by the inflammation of the gums and deeper periodontal structures. Because tooth loss may result, immediate treatment is required.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Many early warning signs may help you determine if you have gum disease:

  • Inflamed and irritated gums that bleed easily during brushing
  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth or chronic bad breath
  • Teeth which have become loose or are changing position
  • Experiencing pain and discomfort while eating

Gum Treatment at Northern Dental Design

Our experienced dentist can help prevent and treat periodontal disease. During your routine exam and scale and clean appointment, we can look for signs of gingivitis or periodontitis. It’s essential that you come in twice a year for regular dental checkups so you can avoid the buildup of calculus or tartar which accumulates when plaque is left on the teeth for a lengthy period.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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