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About Northern Dental Design

New Patient OfferWe proudly welcome you to our beautiful and modern facility in Epping. Custom built in 2015, our facilities offer the latest and greatest dental technology to help patients of all ages meet all their oral health needs under one roof. While we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, we are also focused on the prevention of oral disease such as tooth decay and gum disease to maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Pain-free Care

Your comfort is our priority and we are dedicated to making you feel relaxed at every visit. We offer several forms of sedation to help you feel comfortable. We’ll take the time to thoroughly explain all your treatment needs and answer any questions you may have. We want our patients to be informed and feel confident that they are in good hands.

Modern Dentistry in Epping

Everything changes with time and dentistry is no exception. Our commitment to provide the quality of care that our patients deserve is a blend of present-day action and future planning. We continually improve our knowledge through continuing education which allows us to provide quality services.

Supporting the Community

We’re also thrilled to work directly with one of our community charities, the Institute of Policing. Investing in community organisations like these make our area a better place to live and work, day after day. Northern Dental Design is honoured to be able to work with the Institute of Policing to improve the lives of our patients in more ways than one.

Affordable Dentistry

Our patients are our number-one priority. We are devoted to your oral health, your comfort and your trust that you are receiving the best possible care. We understand the importance of quality, caring and affordable dentistry.

This is why we offer convenient payment plans, accept insurance and can process your insurance claims on the spot.

Payment Options

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